Email with subject line “1 on 1 lesson with Nicole” after purchasing to schedule

This is for those of you who want my undivided attention and really want me to help customize a look JUST FOR YOU!

Cost starts at $150 an hour and minimum lesson length of 2 hrs with a 1 hour Shop for me consult beforehand. Most lessons will need 2hrs minimum in order for me to do an adequate job of teaching you and walking you through your makeup. If you are a novice and want to learn your full face, I would strongly consider the 3.5hr option over 2 lessons or bare minimum 2hr option with the 1 hour Shop for me. The reason the lessons are combined with the SHOP for Me is because there is no point in doing a lesson if you don’t have the right products and in my vast experience almost everyone needs products they dont’ have or is not using the correct colors etc. I want you to go into your lessons with the right products and brushes to set you up for SUCCESS!

If you are someone who really wants the ultimate outcome and to master your makeup, then the 10hr package is ideal. In this time I can truly help you Refine your skills and spend the dedicated time to help you perfect YOUR look. I always wish I had more time with people because learning makeup is something that happens in layers. The more 1 on 1 time I have with you, the more I can get you to that level of refinement and perfection you seek.

Email with subject line: “One on one class with Nicole” immediately after purchasing to schedule.

I can’t wait to meet you!

**Due to high demand, scheduling for lessons is backed up until August and September. Please book now in order to get on the calendar for first available dates!