In this lesson, we will focus on the 10 Min makeup for everyday. To feel polished and confident without taking too much time. I will share with you the basics you need to make your features POP , without wearing a tonne of makeup! Everyone always asks me about this look. It is so easy that we don’t even need eye shadow. I will share with you my techniques and most important products to use when getting ready in 10 min: Skin, blush, tight lining, lash curling, mascara, lip gloss and out the door!!!

However, there is a difference between slapping it on and making sure it LASTS and looks flawless!

***Class is limited to 12 People and takes place virtually on ZOOM. Download the zoom app to your phone or computer to participate. The zoom link will be emailed to you before Class:)***

Products Needed to follow along:

*A foundation … or Radiant Defense Perfecting liquid

If you like a dewy look thats fine, it just doesn’t last as long. If you like a more matte look that’s longer wearing, grab a powder like this

*A cream or liquid Concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin. My favorite one is This or This

(dont worry too much about color with the MAC Blott Powder…it is a setting powder and has VERY little pigment, as long as you’re close you’ll be fine. As a reference, “ight” is almost WHITE. Most people use Medium (still very very light) or Medium Dark, and remember little pigment so not a big big deal if you’re a shade off ).

*A bronzer or Contour..

NOTE* IF your foundation is liquid or cream you can use either cream OR Powder but if you use a Powder contour and highlighter product you also need an all over setting powder to put over your foundation before using powder contour/highlight products. Make Sense? If you plan to use liquid or cream foundation and don’t like to use powders then buy cream highlighter, contour and blush.

* If your foundation is powder (not as commonly used but some people still use a powder foundation, then stick with Powder contour/highlight products. You don’t want to try to put creams onto powders.

If you don’t have these types of products, here are some links to some of my favorites but you would be surprised what you can use for Contour and highlight. For example, for Contour, a concealer or foundation 3-5 shades darker than your skin or a powder 3-5 shades darker. NO SHIMMER for contour! (Save that for your highlighter). For highlighter, we are just going to use the concealer you have that should be lighter than your foundation. (don’t worry you won’t get white rings around your eyes, I’m going to show you how to properly place it). If you want to add a shimmery highlight after to your nose and cheek bones, again, there are a MILLION to choose from. My FAVORITE Powder highlighter is the Hourglass one HERE in shade “Iridescent Light”. If you have a Dark Complexion try “Euphoric” instead . It is really pricey, but I think its worth it though because it’s not “glittery”. I can even add it on top of my cream foundation that HASN’T been set with Powder, so anyone can use it:)

*Cream contour product (you can use any concealer or foundation thats 2-5 shades darker than your skin tone as well). I like to use a dark concealer like Tartes Shape tape HERE or I also LOVE the MILK Contour stick: HERE

I like the TARTE Shape Tape condcealer: Here . Get it in 1-3 shades lighter than your skin. Typically the really fair ladies go 1-2 shades lighter and the more color you have you go 2-3 shades lighter because we really want to be able to HIGHLIGHT your face.

Powder Highlight/Contour kits I LOVE:

MAC Light/Medium: Here

MAC Medium Dark/Dark: Here

Other options are just choosing a dark powder like THIS* I use deep dark b/c it has very little pigment so easy to use and not mess up.

Morphe has these powders that look amazing for Contour too! I have another one of their contour palettes ( I forgot about til just now, but its sold out. check back for when its back in stock. Its great because it takes out the quess work. it has multiple shades and one of them will match!

*Blush or for CREAM Blush, My favorite is THIS ONE… Use “Swish” (pink) or “Perk” (peach) if you’re fair to medium and if you have a dark complexion try something deeper but still bright like “Quickie”. Trust me on this;)

*Brow Pencil. My Fav is This one but any good brow pencil will do, TRY to use the kind that rolls up though, not the kind you have to sharpen. I’ll explain why in class.

Black Gel Liner + and a *small square brush like This or This Or you can purchase My eye brush set Here (use code “MUCLASS20” for 20% off all brushes) I am low on stock so might be sold out.

Lipgloss or Lipstick!! Anyone you want!