This Program consists of 10hrs worth of Lesson time with Nicole, broken into 5 lessons and 1hr Shop for me zoom before classes start to create your list of Products you specifically need.

If you are someone who really wants the ultimate outcome and to master your makeup, then this mentorship package is designed for YOU. In this time I can truly help you Refine your skills and spend the dedicated time to help you perfect YOUR look. I always wish I had more time with people because learning makeup is something that happens in layers. The more 1 on 1 time I have with you, the more I can get you to that level of refinement and perfection you seek. During each lesson I will meticulously guide you on technique and placement. You will practice between lessons with me submitting photos so I can give you feedback and then when we meet again, we will continue to build upon what you’re learning, not only refining those skills but adding new ones. This is the BEST way I know how to get someone to that level of skill they seek in applying their own makeup.

I get SO excited when I get to work with one person over a period of time to get them to their end goal. I can help you learn how to do your makeup the way you have always dreamed you could!

This package includes My 5pc Luxury face brushes as well as 2 pairs of lashes, glue and applicator*

Email Hello@nicolewagnerlashes.com with subject line “Makeup Mentorship package” immediately after purchasing to schedule your first lesson*

I can’t WAIT to work with you!!!!!

**Due to high demand, scheduling for lessons is backed up until August and September. Please book now in order to get on the calendar for first available dates!